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Feb 10

Survivor 20.2


A pretty average episode, but the fact that the Villains won a second time has already created some interesting dynamics. The Heroes are starting to fracture as they realize that they are going to have to start playing Survivor earlier than they hoped (whereas the day-to-day alliances the Villains make among themselves are mostly academic until they have to go to tribal council). The villains really kick the heroes’ butts when it comes to puzzle challenges, and that is going to create a confidence problem in the future.

James is running his mouth way too much, and it makes him look unattractive to the rest of the team. How many times do really need to say, “One voice, y’all! ONE VOICE!”

I’m looking forward to the Rob vs Russell pissing contest. I wonder if the Villains are going to split between the leadership of those two, or if the others are going to try and get them voted off.

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