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Jan 08

Travel update

I fly out of Hong Kong on Monday bound for Kilimanjaro International Airport. The flight route will see me transit at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Entebbe International Airport. I have been monitoring the situation in Kenya via BBC and CNN and it looks like the airport itself is largely unaffected by things, but there is always the possibility of flight delays. There are (illegal) protests planned for 8 January in Nairobi, which is the same day I transit, but I am not required to step out of the airport at all. I heard about the church massacre in Eldoret on cable (that same night, with rather unfortunate timing, one of the local TV channels in HK decided to screen The Patriot, in which a church is set alight with the townsfolk inside). Hopefully they can restore peace in Kenya – it’s chilling how rapidly things can go sour in Africa.

I’ll do a post on HK at some other time.