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Dec 06

EOY 2006/07

Itinerary for the end of year trip has been finalised. Due to airline industry pricing practices, a round-the-world ticket works out to be cheaper if you ever want to stop by more than a couple cities overseas. Unfortunately, the same tickets impose a circumnavigation condition on travel, which has necessitated a rather arduous journey to Paris flying the long way around the globe… and consuming over 30 hours of time. We leave on Christmas Day, so while eking out an existence in economy is not an ideal way to spend Christmas, fares are about 15% cheaper than Christmas Eve fares.

Looking forward to going rock climbing in Krabi. Coincidentally, we met a Singaporean holidaying in Sydney while indoor rock climbing last Sunday. She told us she’s been to Krabi about half a dozen times, lots of routes for people at our level… if these photos hadn’t whetted my appetite sufficiently, her descriptions did. Eric claims he’ll be joining us in Krabi despite getting totally smashed by Hong Kong’s insane PCLL curriculum.

Changing topics to The Amazing Race, another season has come to an end. As usual, the Race proved unpredictable and I got all my predictions wrong. A pretty ho-hum last episode, didn’t have any team I particularly disliked. Next season is an All Stars season, so I am very, very much looking forward to that.

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