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Apr 05

Is there a dentist in the family?

So I just got a phone call from Dad a couple hours ago. There’s some unusual background noise so I ask, “Where are you?”
“At the airport.”
“What are you doing at the airport?”
“Picking up your grandparents.”
“What? Mama and Yehyeh are in Sydney?! How come I never heard about this?”
“He’s here for dental work from your cousin.”
“Huh? What’s wrong with Singaporean dentists?”

Turns out that my grandfather chipped his tooth on Thursday and the following conversation transpired (ok it didn’t, but something like this must have been said):

Grandfather: “Damn, chipped my tooth. But that’s ok, we have a dentist in the family!”
Grandmother: “Yes, but you’re in Singapore and he’s in Sydney.”
Grandfather: “So?”

The next thing we know is that on Friday the three of them (yes, three) have booked a flight in and today here they are in Sydney for “emergency” dental surgery. I’m still incredulous.

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