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Oct 04

Blog Disclaimers

I occasionally come across blogs with disclaimers. More often than not, they amuse me. Such as the one in this blog I just came across that I felt the need to comment on (I just finished proofing someone’s 15000 word article, so I’m in a critiquing mood). Hey, if it’s on the net, it’s fair game, right?

The disclaimer starts off with “Don’t Judge Me! I am not asking for your opinion. Just because this website is online doesn’t automatically give you the right to judge a person.” I think you can judge a person by anything a person does – on or offline. An impression gained solely from online manifestations of personality is often not completely accurate, but is nonetheless a valid one to gain. She then goes on to say, “I know it’s contradictory to put it online, but then again that’s my right,” before revoking the right of people to comment on it. This has angst written all over it.

Of course, the second paragraph is the gem. “And if you’re someone I know, then you shouldn’t really be here. Don’t get pissed if I bitch about you then. … please don’t pass around the URL, it’s a private page. I won’t take any responsibility for any hurt feelings.” This more or less violates the cardinal rule of blogging — remembering that anything you write is on display to the world, for both friends and strangers. It shows great disrespect to those who know you to restrict your audience to strangers, while reserving the right to bitch about your friends, acquaintances and enemies. And you can’t expect people to respect your privacy (even though passing around a URL of your public blog doesn’t violate your privacy) if you don’t respect theirs. Everything online is fair game. If you must have it online, either password it or make it completely anonymous.

I wonder if I’m soon going to get an irate blogger who’s come here after looking at her referrer logs and telling me to get off my soapbox and stfu.