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Sep 03

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1.  Martin

Interesting article there. I am one of the few students to take on an Engineering/Law course in USYD and from what I’ve experienced the study techniques for the two streams of knowledge aren’t really that similar. Engineering focuses on practical knowledge while law is much more than applying a set of rules to fact scenarios, for example it requires theorising and rationality of thought. Perhaps the problem solving approach is the common thread between them I think the kind of thinking that the two courses emphasise are quite different

2.  pundi

Another eng/law dude here – from uni of melb. Quite a disparate collision of courses and idealogies. Sitting in an eng lecture one minute trying to take complex situations and make them as simple as possible, then in the next having a law class take a simple situation (ie murder) and analyse it in a desparately complex process (not that murder in a legal sense is that complex an area). I believe ultimately while they are taught very differently – in real life and practice they end up being very similar. Applying the law is not done in a complex fashion but instead as a reasonably routine practice and engineering problems become more complex undertakings that depart from the black/white situations taught at uni.

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