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Mar 03

Whatever happened to E/N?

A recent posting by Spaz to list-en may hold some clues:

I got to thinking about the 2nd layout [Up To Here] had, with the banner of hitler and such. I wondered why I’d made that back then, so I found the old FAQ from the site…

“9. Why the hell do you have Hitler, the KKK, Saddam Hessian, Charles Manson, Stalin, and Arabs in death shrouds walking on the American Flag as your banner?
You have no idea how many idiotic fools there are out there that think we’re using that to say we support all those things. It’s actually quite the opposite, it’s more of a so-called political statement, a wake up call even. A look at brainwashing and what it does to society. Most people look at that banner and the first thing they see is Hitler or the KKK. No one really thinks much of Stalin, the arabs, or Manson. All we’re saying with the banner is that people shouldn’t just hate something blindly, but they should know why they hate those things. Everyone knows the evils of Hitler’s “perfect societal plans” or the KKK’s racist white supremacy. You learn a lot about them in school etc, but unfortunately the same doesn’t go for say, Saddam or Stalin. Saddam’s an asshole and Stalin had more people killed than Hitler ever accomplished. In all respect, it’s not the people or acts there of that we should study, it’s the psychopathic tendencies behind it all that should be considered. We can study Hitler and learn from his evil, but what does that give us? What we should rather be concerned with is the study of human nature and the things that cause individuals to act the way they do. Don’t study individuals, study humans.”

Wow. That sure made a lot of sense -_-. It must have been fun being 15.

Looks like the teens are growing up.