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Oct 02

Degrees of Separation

Based on some empirical evidence gathered over the years…

Hypothesis: Without myself having gone to any weblog meetups, I’d say that the great majority of Sydney webloggers would be consciously three degrees of separation away from me, or within three degrees. (I’m defining a single degree of separation as having spoken to someone in real life, and with both people having stored each other’s name and face somewhere in their memory. By “consciously”, I mean that we can work paths of separation out. There are a lot of people who are unknowingly closer in separation than they are aware.)

Perhaps someone will eventually make up a diagram of the Sydney blog community’s “interconnectedness”. Any bloggers care to test out this hypothesis with me? :)

Hypothesis 2: Degrees of separation become largely irrelevant beyond three degrees. Chances are you don’t know the person at all.