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Nov 01

Enterprise: Fortunate Son (Ep 1.10)

Probably the most original episode yet, this week really accentuates the fact that these are humanity’s early days in space – that they are currently pioneering a new frontier. It’s also the first episode where Mayweather plays a major role. The Fortunate is an old Y-class freighter that has been set upon by Nausican pirates. However, when the Enterprise comes to lend a hand, the crew of the Fortunate is not as welcoming as you’d expect.

I guess this episode harks back to pioneering days in general. To pioneer a “new frontier” (new lands, etc.), people would often have to go it alone and be self-sufficient. Not only that, but people who were pioneers chose that lifestyle. So, there must be something appealing (and something to be proud of) about the solitude and self-sufficiency. In today’s world, everything is connected and very few places in the world are isolated anymore. The world is “smaller”, so to speak. Perhaps there is something to be said about the pioneering spirit, in a culture where it is all but extinct? But then again, being a pioneer and being independent doesn’t mean you also lose your roots – in this case, human values and common sense.