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Nov 01

Enterprise: Civilisation (Ep 1.09)

There’s no prime directive. That means Starfleet can go sticking their nose into alien cultures (resultingly, Captain “my translator broke” Archer can go sticking his tongue into alien cultures too :). Well, they keep violating the directive in the future anyway, so to do away with the pretence in Enterprise is an interesting move. Still, other things haven’t changed: In my opinion, the casting staff made an error in judgement by making Jolene Blalock a vulcan with a bad hair cut. The shieldless Enterprise is once again beaten up by another ship. Phlox and Mayweather are shafted for the 9th episode in a row (they haven’t had anything but supporting roles since the series started). This was an entertaining episode, but it’s really nothing we haven’t seen Kirk do… the Enterprise writers sure like their underground facilities.