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Aug 00


It happened again. Another e/n site owner (Kevin’s Palace) dreams about other e/n webmasters. For the record, I am neither old, nor have a cane, or a tall black hat. I may or may not wear clothes from the 19th century. This e/n webmaster dreaming is a little worrying, though. But then again, think about what you’ve ever dreamed about and I’m sure everyone has a dream that, if told, would get them carted straight off to the asylum. My cousin was just recounting to me how he had two dreams about Diablo II within the last week (one of them involving a bunch of snakes in his room and an irresistible urge to corpse explode them). Another friend was telling me about how she dreamt of people spitting at each other in lectures. Not so weird given that in that very same lecture, people were chucking condoms around the place.

It seems that the most vivid dreams come in the period when you may wake up one or two hours too early, and then go back to sleep. The problem with this, is that you tend to get wake up (or get woken up) while the dream is in progress.