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Apr 00

Some More Stuff

• “irish: hey, I’m a drummer chick. Actually, a xylophone chick.” –GStarr
• “no! a bum chick! *har har, laughs at her percussive joke*” –GStarr
• “I dont know.” –FallenAngel
• “Baby make your booty go… mmm! Oohhhhh, yeahhh! I like (_(o)_) booooooooottty! Fluck U & u’r CAT, Penii.” –Irish
• “SMS = Shakespear Might Suck?:\ Alice in flucking Chains rocks your damn Hear Ye! site my Aussie friend. <3” –Irish
• “‹^›//‹[ˆ;ˆ]›\\‹^› – You a fine motha flucka? Why don’t you back dat ass up? My c0x is bigger than Ron Jeremys :)” –Irish
• “oooohhhhhhhh! ill make u a motha fing image dude why didnt u ask muhi negro? *ramblings.net*” –Irish (mate, don’t you have anything better to do than make my phone beep all day?)
• “You know when he fell down .. yeah near the mailbox cover in the street OMFG HAHA!” –SilverWeed
• “boo” –gfdsg (yes I know, bang the left hand on the keyboard and see what random letters come up)