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Apr 00

S – M – S

• “boo” –Ian
• “If you choose to accept this message, your cell phone will self-destruct into little spiders that will crawl into your ears and an” –da5id
• “Lollie pops own”, “Up with cheese!”, “Irish 0wnz” –spaz
• “So how’s the tuna?  I hear they’z in season this time of year!  Bow.  Now.  How.  Brown cow.  More to come.  — CUT TRANMISSION!!!” –spaz
• “CUT THE TRANSMISSION DAMN YOU!  DAMN YOU, I SAID <i><b>DAMN YOU</i></b>!!!!  Damn you.  — CUT TRANSMISSION BABY (oh yea)” –spaz
• “Yay! Inferno is back, stu post my sms’s dammit!” –SilverWeed
• “Nigga nigga get a table dance! (stern rules!)” –Tom
• “Dear John: I have a dead alien, what should I do?” One word: Barbucue. –RegBarc112
• “3 Hierarchical Menu Trees totally suck!” –Shakespear
• “sms.. apparently?” –name
• “`;]” –nikon
• “I don’t see what’s so great about Aherdofturtles. He’s just gay… Wait!” –Chibi Knt
• “there is a guy outside putting rocks on my mailbox. He has been working hard all day and I think he deserves some cookies. :)” –gstarr
• “don’t be lazy! inferno! inferno! where are you! don’t give up! if you beleive in fairies, clap your hands!!” –gstarr
• “I got five on it.” –DJ

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