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Mar 00

IT 2000 Convention

Well since they had absolutely nothing for me to do at work, they let me have a few hours off work to get down to the IT 2000 convention at Darling Harbour. The weather today was shit. Raining, and I didn’t have my umbrella. So I had to run from Town Hall station down to the exhibition centre. I got soaked.

IT 2000 is primarily a corporate show, but I was mainly on the hunt for freebies. This year they combined it with a Linux expo, so you had all these Linux zealots running about. I got free frisbees (aka Linux distros I’m never going to use) and a t-shirt from a company called Rackspace (I can’t even remember what they do now – typical!)

They were handing out free au.com domain names (I can’t work out whether they are subdomains or real domains – they seem to have their own administering registry, so apparently they are real domains). I snapped up one, I just need a couple nameservers now…