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Mar 00

Australian Bandwidth

Adam sighted this article on Slashdot (quoted below). Apparently Telstra will be rolling out ADSL and most Aussie households should be able to get it by August. Not quite cable, but hey, I’ll take any broadband you throw at me! Full story at NewsWire. Telstra is a monopoly of sorts – while the telecomms industry has been deregulated to some extent, Telstra still has tight control and ownership of much of the physical infrastructure. The only reason why they made their Cable service flat rate, was because Optus did.

Well as it seems Telstra, Australia’s telephone monopoly has finally been recognized as one, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has forced Telstra to grant full local loop access to its competitors and to bring extensive testing to a halt and begin the mainstream ADSL rollout by August at the latest. If you don’t live in Australia, Telstra is the only reason we’re all stuck to poor modem speeds, Telstra owns all exchanges in Australia and is privatised and thus wouldn’t open them to other companies so they could install the relevant ADSL equipment. As usual the full story’s at NewsWire. I think I’ll have my xDSL medium rare! :)