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Dec 99

Life Skills

So, you’ve joined a company and they’re having a welcoming lunch at a Chinese restaurant but you don’t know how to use chopsticks. Or, you’ve got to wrap a gift in a hurry but have no idea how to do it properly. What does today’s geek do? Look up the net of course. Here’s the site for all those life skills you should’ve learnt if you weren’t on the net so damn much (but will now learn because you are on the net so much :). They’ll even tell you how to write a letter to Santa. It’s: eHow.com (what an original name huh.)

1. Ask your parents, or an older brother or sister, to give you a pen and some writing paper.
2. Think hard about what you’d really love to find under your tree on Christmas morning.
3. Begin your letter “Dear Santa” (This is called a salutation).