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Dec 99


At a cafe with a friend. Jumped onto a free net computer with a 1.5MB connection :). I didn’t find a terminal at the airport though. Anyway I thought I’d take the opportunity to check mail and do a quick post. I’ve decided I’ll get a Kodak DC290 digital camera, if I can find it at a good price. Prices I’ve seen so far range from HK$5500 (which sounds dodgy) to HK$6700 and everything in between. Full retail games here are cheap – average about AU$55-60 for new releases. Of course, you could get the “OEM versions” for 10% of that at AU$5 :).

People here are short. I’m actually taller than the majority of people on the streets. It’s giving me a bit of an ego boost, actually :). Of course it’s the opposite in Sydney where just about everyone is taller. I need to buy a suit for work (which starts on Jan 17th). I’m actually too small in Australia to buy a premade suit (nothing is that small). But everything here is like… mini-size or asian-size. My cousin is sharing the hotel room with me. He’s 5’9 and his feet stick off the end of the bed. Clothing in adults’ small size in Australia just fits me, but I have to go to adults’ large size here :). Anyway, gotta run. Have a great new millennium y’all.

And one tip. Never open Solo’s site at a public terminal when people are watching :).