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Oct 99

Stupid IS Department

The school of information systems wrote something laughable (see underlined part):

Overestimate in length of attribute
Some students provided CustomerID of length 15 with a numeric format (e.g., Length: 9(15), Format: 999999999999999 and Range of Choices as: 000000000000001 – 999999999999999). This is clearly inappropriate since the table of data would have at the most more than 999 Billion people (999,999,999,999,999). This quantity includes all Australians, and nearly the whole planet’s population. A realistic size might be as in the Customer Hobby table above where a maximum number of customers would be 999,999. If our customer list exceeded 1 Million, then Finda Pet would need to start removing customers who were no longer active (such as deceased customers, etc).

Not quite nearly.