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Jul 99

The Communal Crier

Whoa. Someone (Adam of the soapbox, to be precise) dreamt about the community. The way the mind works.

• The Beginning of Nothing
• Newsfreaks
• Radium’s Red Domain
• Syntekz Error
• Not the Bence Jon Page (2nd edition :)

Roosh went down, got a 4th host, and is back again. Domain should be transfered any time now. Isn’t this troubling? Anyone can get anyone busted by spamming, and sticking a domain name in the reply-to field. Of course, if the hosting companies had a brain, they’d see that reply-to headers in spam are (almost) always forged. As if you’d send spam and leave a calling card “flame me back at this legit e-mail address.”

I sense a great deal of angst in the force, which funnily enough, often coincides with a depurationesque post coupled with song lyrics. Ramblings got demotivated. Because the lunatics at r33t said so. Ignore r33k.

Lastly, but importantly. Could it be? Could sonic be back after another 4 months of having the status: “last seen on the side of milk carton”? We shall remain waiting.