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Apr 99

When the dust settles…

If there’s one thing about politics, it’s that, you’re never going to persuade someone over to your point of view if they had an opposing one in the first place. Think back. When was the last time you got someone to give in to you in an argument over some political, religious or social issue? The best you can hope to do is sway people who haven’t made up their mind already. I am, of course, referring to the frenzied rhetoric hurtling back and forth between him and her (and their supporters) a couple days back. So why do we engage in this? Pride, and the reason that it feels cathartic to have your say. (Cathartic is a pretentious word, but you can think of it as a feeling of relief… like when you’re busting to go piss, and you finally let it out.)

One thing about “Shlongites”. I don’t necessarily think that it is Shlonglor that has “brainwashed” all his readers into following him. Perhaps it’s because his readers agree with his points of view in the first place, that they like his page. After all, you’re more inclined to like someone if they agree with you or you agree with them. Why keep visiting a page which constantly pisses you off? (Well, certainly not Frus, who removed his link).