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Apr 99

Those Florida Spammers…

Remember those spammers advertising Florida as the “most exotic place in the world”? Babs sent me an e-mail regarding this. She’s pretty pissed off with them as well.

For your information, that spam is spreading wide.  I would dearly love to have my vengenance.

They paraded as a series of aol.com accounts for a while and the last one was as ‘florida@fla.com’.   As you may have noticed, none of the links nor their mail address ever work.

If you find them, please send out invitations for the public flogging – it would be quite entertaining ;-)

Yeah they never give out valid e-mail addresses. Second e-mail…

I used your own pointer to GeekTools and found an Anti-Spam tool (Sam Spade) that translates those URLs.  I found that they are all hosted on the Angelfire site.

Thanks! I guess it’s time to fire away