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Apr 99

Another Site Down

Ramblings closed today. It was probably one of the better E/Ns.

We lasted only about 20 days… but it was fun while it lasted. I don’t want to have to deal with the administrators and shit… This site was taking too much time. I told too much about myself. There was no reward. Sure, getting like 90 hits a day was funky, but it’s not worth my time. Everyone else is on the E/N scene anyway.

I’m starting to find the whole E/N thing boring… like I give two shits what opinions they have. It hit me when it took like 20 mins of my life to go thru all the good E/N sites. Then it takes me 20 mins to a half hour to get all the updates up. Then another 10 mins to re-check the sites before I go to bed.

I don’t have an hour every day to waste on this shit…

So if you want to continue to see the antics of Juseck, go visit him on Troz. Maybe he’ll create a site of his own somewhere. It just won’t be here.

So 20 days, and about 1200 unique hits. Not bad. On a previous site, after a year and a half, I got over 300,000 hits. At my peak I got 2000 a day. Since there’s so many E/N sites, we’re all getting less hits because our audience has so much to look at, and our audience just picks what they think is the best. So the influx of all these E/N sites is bad. My closing is good. Or something.

Later, fellas. It was fun.

Hmmmm. So… G stopped cos he found writing a journal boring, too time consuming and without reward. And the fact that there are too many E/N sites. I guess that’s a very valid reason for quitting. When you lose the enjoyment (was there any to begin with?) that’s the time to stop. If it feels like it’s taking over your life (and it shouldn’t be, really) that’s not a good sign. Another thing – you shouldn’t feel obligated to view other E/N sites… if I don’t have time, I’ll say screw it and if I’m bored one day I’ll go through archives… but there are some sites that are genuinely enjoyable.

My opinion on this matter? (Well KillKrazy’s opinion actually, but one that I share.) Click here.

Kill? You were ununsettlingly correct in that prediction you made about E/N sites.