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Apr 98

Parrot Skit

Here’s the skit as it came out after being translated by babelfish.altavista.digital.com (see April 13th entry – Languages)… Original script coming (when I can be bothered). It starts from the beginning, with “Hello, I wish to register a complaint… Hello, Miss?” …

Aligned: Hello, I demand an objection to the registry…, Hello? Ms?
Exchange: Which thing you have the taste to say to difettare of?
Aligned: Hour of amp2ere, I, betruebt of a cold stay. It has wished to arrange an objection.
Exchange: Betruebt, closes them that we arrest the lunch.
Aligned: That before that it does not only give the shape to the new defective man, me
me I have loved the conclui’ I give these parrots that they load, than I have
not exactly bought the average-hour of this system.
Exchange: The OH, blue Norwegian. Which it is the problem with it?
Aligned: Legend I, that with it you are wrong. He is dead man, that is, than with it it is wrong.
Exchange: No destiller to it is interrupted, the temporary vision!
Aligned: Opinion my new man, I know the deads dark-brownen, if in order to come and in order lend
attention at this moment.
Exchange: Not no horseman honest, died. It is still arrested.
Aligned: Rest?

There you go… utterly ridiculous.