Honkie:  then how about the girls from hong kong?
Me:    	 all you have to do is walk up to a girl and ask if she wants to have sex
Honkie:	 then they usually will agree?? did u try it?
Me:    	 well they will either agree, or slap you in the face
Honkie:	 and how about the Hong Kong girls?
Me:    	 well, ask them in Cantonese I guess
Honkie:	 then do u know that is the hk girls also like that?? and did u try it? and usually australia ppl can make how long time when make love?
Me:    	 hk girls? oh yeah they like it when you approach them out of nowhere and ask them if they want you to do them right there and then...
Honkie:	 then?
Me:    	 by "right there and then" I mean, "right there" and "straight away"
Honkie:	 sorry... i can't understand, but i really want to know australia ppl can make how long time when make love?? coz i think that asian just can last for a few time!`
Me:    	 australians can last longer than you ever could
Honkie:	 here?
Me:    	 here what?
Honkie:	 how many minutes?
Me:    	 minutes?? hahah! don't you mean, how many hours?
Honkie:	 really? i mean just the time of making!
Me:    	 yes I know what you mean
Me:    	 tantra, baby
Honkie:	 then could u tell me how long time?
Me:    	 for hours long, I told you
Honkie:	 i have never listen someone can last for hours long, also if i c the AV, the actor can't last for hours long!
Me:    	 then how long can u last for when u make love?

[I am now pissing myself laughing. I couldn't even type properly, I was laughing so hard.]

Me: well you obviously haven't been to australia yet. animals are popular too... Honkie: what animal are popular?? i want to know u say true or not for hours long?? Me: heard of kangaroos? with them you don't even need to ask. ok i lied about hours... sometimes it can go for days Honkie: then how long can u last for when u make love? Me: that's a bit personal isn't it? Honkie: then how about the student in unsw?? Me: for a very long time... i suggest you get some practice first. practice doing it to yourself in front of the mirror Honkie: how practise? i think asian can just last for about 30 minutes! Me: it's all about muscular control. australian are very muscular and fit (that's why they are so good at sports). you practice by doing it with yourself and building up those muscles

[And the level of conversation rapidly goes downhill from here (not that it was very high beforehand)...]

Honkie: which muscles, bicep or tricep, or the muscles beside the penis?? Me: all of them Honkie: but didn't it just depend on the kidney? Me: kidney?? no wonder you don't last long! no... you also have to be able to do it multiple times. there are articles in the UNSW student newspapers that explain how you can do it Honkie: then could u tell me how can i do it, is it firstly i shound practise my muscle of all part of my body firly? Me: no... arm/hand, dick, stopwatch. that's all you need Honkie: but don't u said that should practise the muscles first?? if i just use my hand to practise so many time, i can last longer later? Me: yeah, if you use it to practice a lot of times, you build up your muscles! Honkie: there is no use, i have just ahve so many experience! Me: well must be the wrong technique you're using. ever tried viagra? Honkie: in fact which muscles control, don't we can't control it? Me: of course you can control it - you need to concentrate, and practice Honkie: how can i control it, if u have a feeling of very high, then after a few seconds, sperm will then come out! Me: rent the movie "Go" and listen to the black man. read about tantra. Honkie: what is the meaning of tantra and viagra? and the movies "go" is very popular? Honkie: could u tell me the skill of control? Me: viagra will instantly turn you into a raging sex demon Honkie: didn't u said australian have good muscles anddo sport well, so they can last for longer time? it is a medicine and can make u last for longer time? Me: yes yes and yes. Honkie: but if i don't want to use medicine, then how can i control it, please tell me? Me: i told you! practise in front of the mirror... when are you coming to australia Honkie: i think may be jan! if i don't know the skill, how can i practise ? u always practise it before? Me: well wait till you get to australia. you'll learn quickly. I don't need to practise Honkie: y when i coming to australia i can learn more? all the ppl success after practise? Me: when you come over you'll see... just remember, if you get to australia, and can't do it for longer than an hour, you'll get laughed at. Honkie: u think that if u didn't make love so long time but suddently make love, then will last for longer time or everyday also make love will last for longer time? Me: you're not making sense Honkie: u say truth?! if u call sluts in hk, china, korea or japan, the longer time give u just have 45 mins! Me: well you mustn't be paying them enough money Honkie: what is ur meaning? Me: never mind. no money needed here, just walk up and ask. Honkie: u always do it? Me: No, why? Honkie: u have so many sex partner? Me: oh yeah. 523 at last count. Honkie: i just have 89 ! Me: ok i am going to go to bed, sex partner #533, 534 and 535 are calling me into bed by the way look up gullible & freak in the dictionary and you are those.