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Dec 14

Cities over the last 365 days (2014)

The last time I did this was for 2012, which means I skipped last year, but here’s the list for the past year.

Sydney, Australia
Frankfurt, Germany†
Tokyo, Japan
Milan, Italy†
Lake Como, Italy*
Sagno, Switzerland†
Dublin, Ireland*
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland†
Glasgow, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland†
Galway, Ireland
Cork, Ireland*
Longyearbyen, Norway
Vienna, Austria
Salzburg, Austria†
Hong Kong, China*
Macau, China†
Chicago, IL
Praia do Forte, Brazil
Arembepe, Brazil†
Salvador, Brazil†
Lima, Peru
Paracas, Peru†
Nazca, Peru†
São Paulo, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Phoenix, AZ (well, in a couple days’ time)

All places had overnight visits, unless marked with ††.
* Multiple entries, non-consecutive days.
†† Daytrip only.

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