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Feb 13

The Meteorite Hunter

An interesting article in Nat Geo reveals that there are only about 20 serious meteorite hunters in the world, and it turns out to be quite a lucrative, albeit dangerous profession:

Well, I’ve found three separate moon rocks in the Middle East. [Moon rocks are considered a type of meteorite that came loose from the lunar surface and fell to Earth.] And one of them I sold for $100,000 a week later. It was just a small pieceā€”the size of a walnut. But the best meteorite I found was with my three partners up in Canada. It was actually discovered in 1931, but we went back to the location and discovered 53 kilograms [117 pounds] more. It’s an extremely rare type of meteorite called a pallasite, and it’s about 4.5 billion years old. We sold it to the Canadian government for just under a million dollars. Now it’s in the Royal Ontario Museum, in Toronto, and it’s considered a national treasure.

On the third trip over I had a robbery where they ambushed us and almost murdered me. I was down on my knees, with a bag over my head and a machete on my throat and a gun at my head, being beaten. Luckily they decided to just take everything and leave instead of killing us. It’s a dangerous line of work because it involves money, and people want that money.

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