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Oct 12

iPhone 5 physical impressions

The iPhone 5 is noticeably lighter and thinner, which is normally a good way to move for technology. But, to me it feels a little off:

  • The brushed metal back feels like plastic. I liked the smooth but not-too-smooth glass backing.
  • The phone’s weight actually makes it feel plasticky and kind of… cheap. The 4 had some heft behind it, and it was a good sort of heft. Like a metal credit card.
  • The whole thing is black. Everything. So when it’s lying on a dark colored table, or in a dimly lit room, it’s camouflaged. That’s not a good thing. I miss the silver metal rim of the 4. I should’ve bought the white one.
  • The screen is a little too long for my fingers. I find myself wiggling by hand up and down the phone to reach for buttons on the side.
  • The lock button at the top now doesn’t have a lot of travel, and it’s slightly harder to press.

Maybe it will grow on me, but I suspect not. Yes, #firstworldproblems.

I also have a ton of bitching I could do about AT&T and would’ve moved to Verizon had I not still had one of those grandfathered unlimited data plans from the 3G days. Biggest gripe is that I simply don’t understand why they don’t unlock phones that are on contract. You still gotta pay them each month, why do they care? So they can eke out a little bit of money if you decide to use international roaming?

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