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Oct 11

The lucky country

Associated Press is reporting that median net worth in Australia is the highest in the world. Looks like Australia is currently in a really good spot:

The report showed that the median value of wealth – total assets minus debts – in Australia was $US221,704 per adult, while the average for all adults was $US396,745, 79 per cent more than the median.

By comparison, the median value for wealth in the US was $52,752, and the average was $US248,395, almost five times the median.

Australia’s proportionately bigger median compared with the average shows a more even spread of wealth than the US.

The report showed Australia’s median net worth of $US221,704 was the highest in the world.

Moreover, the report found the proportion of Australians with net worth above $US100,000 was, at 70.5 per cent, the highest of any country and about eight times the world average.

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