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May 11

Farewell SGU

Stargate Universe had a shaky first season. I kept watching when the second season aired because there aren’t many other sci-fi series on the air right now. Just when they announced that SGU would not be renewed for a third season, the show started getting better. The last 5-10 episodes have all been consistently strong – among the strongest sci-fi eps I’ve seen and it seemed like the writers had hit their stride. The show wasn’t afraid to make some tough moves, and it started to ease off the reset button between episodes (where everything miraculously goes back to normal after some catastrophe, as if there were no lasting consequences to anything they did). The series ended on a poignant, tasteful cliffhanger and a very appropriate closing shot, but unfortunately without a movie to conclude the series, we’ll never know what happened to the crew of Destiny.

Luckily, the latest new series I’ve started watching, Game of Thrones, is looking really good.

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