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Apr 11

Paul Simon at the Fillmore

Like the scent of a ex’s perfume, some songs or artists trigger memories of certain past events in our lives. Paul Simon’s music reminds me of a particular period in my life which came with a lot of mixed feelings. That added something extra to the performance, which was highly enjoyable. And interesting. Mr Simon is pushing 70 and the crowd at the Fillmore tonight was aged to match. The median age of the audience must have been in the 40s, but there were younger people there too – but it seemed that the older folk were getting stuck into the music a lot more. We were standing next to a man in his 40s and someone who appeared to be his father. The music had clearly triggered some memories for the father. Age had reduced his dancing to violent jerking and spasming, but he was clearly enjoying losing himself in the music (in between liberal drags of a few joints being passed among his family members). A friend said to me: “I don’t think I’ve ever been to a concert where so few people have their phones in the air.”

Paul Simon started pretty promptly at 8.30pm. The old man still has his voice and enough energy to put on a great 140 minute performance, mixing some old classic standards with songs from his new album and a couple of covers. Catch him while you still can – he’s worth it.

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