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Oct 10

Rally in DC

The Guardian has an article on the upcoming Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. It’s a rally that’s proven difficult to characterize, other than it’s an attempt draw attention away from the vocal extremists and towards the more reasonable (relative) centrists.

“Glenn Beck is doing something completely different. He doesn’t just do partisan anti-Democratic talking points in the traditional sense. He’s really grabbed on to something much more paranoid and much more dangerous, warning people against the government. It’s not that Obama is too liberal or that his tax cuts are too small or it’s not that he should be more hawkish overseas. It’s really that he’s trying to destroy America and that the reason he ran to be president is that he wanted to destroy the constitution, he wants to take away all your liberties and he wants the government to take over all aspects of daily life.”

You would think this sort of talk would be relegated to the loony fringe conspiracy-type crowd, but in America, this guy has an audience of literally millions.

I’ll be at the Rally on Saturday – it’ll be an interesting experience.

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