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Oct 10

Facebook Feed Optimization

Your Facebook newsfeed is heavily curated… by Facebook. Daily Beast ran an experiment to better understand how your status updates and posts are pushed out to others (or not), and the results are interesting.

After weeks of testing and trying everything from having Phil post videos to getting some of his friends to flood him with comments, by the end of our experiment, a few of our volunteers had still literally never seen Phil appear in their feeds, either Top News or Most Recent. These were the “popular kids”—users of Facebook with 600 or more friends. (Conversely, those with only 100 to 200 friends were among the first to spot Phil.) So the key, as you build your coterie of friends, is making sure to include some without huge networks. They’ll see more of your feeds, interact in Facebook-approved ways, and up your visibility with all.

Will we see FFOs as SEOs for social networks?

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