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Sep 10

The Amazing Race 17.01

We’re back with another season of TAR. Right off the bat, I was struck by how strong the teams are on paper. I think this is the strongest season so far. Multiple celebrities, teams in professions traditionally associated with intelligence, and physically competitive teams. There’s eye candy as usual, but this eye candy seems capable too. No spoilers for this week’s post.

For celebrities we have home shopping tv show hosts (of watermelon headshot fame – which has to go down as one of the best TAR moments ever), Miss Kentucky, Asian YouTube celebs. There’s a couple doctors who work together (one with diabetes), a couple Princeton undergrads, and a team of actors (one of which is a Stanford alum). The standard team of hot blondes have been playing beach volleyball together for 5 years, the generic boyfriend/girlfriend pair is pretty fit (guy is a football player), and the tattooed couple look hard core. The human interest team are a biological mother/daughter pair (who only recently met each other – the daughter was given away for adoption at birth). Lots of strong all female teams this season… could this be the first time 17 seasons for one to win? This is their best chance yet.

(But come on, how can you not have heard of Stonehenge? And, “Thats right, the country of London.” Thick as bricks.)

And, next week: Africa. Excellent.

Sidenote: casting started for an Australian version of TAR. Should be interesting if they run it like the US version.

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