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Sep 10

Skipping balls at the 16th

There is a tradition each year at the U.S. Masters golf tournament. During the practice rounds at the 16th hole, the golfers will hit a ball over the lake that guards the entire approach to the green, some 170 yards away. They may then play a second ball by skipping it across the lake, and hopefully onto the green. This has turned out to be somewhat of a spectacle for crowds.

Floyd went first, taking out a long iron to hit a low stinger. It skimmed the lake once, bounced into the rough and got onto the putting surface to a roar from the crowd. Next up was Campbell, who skipped it a few times but didn’t get enough oomph behind it. The ball ended up in the lake. Last was Wetterich, who failed to even touch the lake, hitting a screamer straight into the green and bouncing it over the back. Wetterich then received a smattering of boos from the playful crowd.

In the 2009 Masters tourney, Vijay Singh’s skip shot memorably bounced across the lake and then…

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