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Jun 10

Daily news rundown

  • S&P cut BP’s debt ratings from AA- to A
  • MySpace Co-President Jason Hirschhorn has left – MySpace seems to be dying a slow death
  • Criterion Capital Partners bought Bebo from AOL for 7 figures – AOL paid $850m for Bebo in 2008 (ouch)
  • Agricultural Bank of China proceeding with $23b IPO
  • Apple sells 600k iPhones on first day of pre-orders – I’m one of them, despite AT&T’s overloaded servers
  • Conroy still pursuing Aussie net filter – seriously, dude, in the next election I’m going number every single senatorial candidate on the ballot just so I can put you at the bottom (I did it back when Alston was in govt) Link
  • Mexico-France: 2-0 – wtf?
  • Lakers win NBA playoffs
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