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May 10

World Cup 2010 – on the tele

As the World Cup draws nearer, ESPN has announced its television coverage of it. Happily, many of its games will be broadcast online through ESPN 360, which means it will be possible for people to watch the games at work. All of the Australian games except one are on the weekend. We have 3 Aussies in our company, so hopefully no one will mind if we tune out for a bit during the Serbia match… it overlaps with lunch, anyway. :)

Here are all the Australian games (times in Pacific Daylight Time):

  • Sunday 6/13 – 11.00am – ABC – Germany vs Australia – Durban
  • Saturday 6/19 – 6.30am – ESPN/ESPN360.com – Ghana vs. Australia – Rustenburg
  • Wednesday 6/23 – 11.00am – ESPN/ESPN360.com – Australia vs. Serbia – Nelspruit
  • Saturday 6/26 – 11.00am – ESPN/ESPN360.com – Rustenburg (if Australia places 2nd in Group D and moves to the 2nd Round)

So looking forward to this. Me and a bunch of mates have a quadrennial tradition of joining a Fantasy League competition. It’s on again this year, and the shit-talking has already started:


I can’t wait to dominate the Fantasy World Cup.

Despite my impending victory, in a gesture of my magnanimity and greatness and in the interests of bolstering otherwise frail competition, I thought I would give you peasants some crumbs to feed on.

[Link to some World Cup analysis]

Keep talking. Just more words for you to eat later.

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