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May 10

Goldman Sachs’ new HQ in NYC

The New Yorker reports on Goldman’s new building:

Goldman Sachs, one of the largest and most profitable financial firms in the world, has a different view of things. Several thousand Goldman employees have just moved into a sleek steel-and-glass headquarters in lower Manhattan that is emphatically not called One Goldman Sachs Plaza. At 200 West Street, as the building is known, the name of the firm appears nowhere on the exterior, or in the lobby, or even on the uniforms of the security personnel or the badges given to visitors. Forty-three stories tall and two city blocks long, the Goldman building appears to have been designed in the hope of rendering the company invisible.

And here are some photos: view from the 42nd floor; corner shot from same floor; view from the ground (sorry, the only ones I found on Flickr were HDR and B&W).

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