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May 10

Daily news rundown

  • FTC approves AdMob deal – Google will go on to acquire it – iAd, seen as a competitor, helped
  • Financial regulatory bill getting closer to being signed – the House and Senate are going to meld their versions of the bill – Senate bill has the Volcker Rule (prop trading restrictions for banks) and derivatives trading restrictions – needs to pass the conference committee before getting voted on by Congress
  • Government moving to IPO of its stake in GM – Lazard hired to advise
  • AT&T ups cell contract ETF to $325 – apparently in preparation for June iPhone launch and the rumored loss of exclusivity in several months
  • Twitter contesting subpoena demanding real names of users – subpoena from PA’s attorney-general is being attacked by ACLU and other groups (I’m very interested to see how this plays out in the media). Link
  • Google unveils Android 2.2 (Froyo) at Google I/O – quicker than an iPad – Google really is all about speed
  • Google announced Google TV – competing with Apple TV – platform that integrates web browsing, cable TV and Android – primed for Fall 2010 launch. Link
  • Google also developing iTunes competitor – AAPL vs GOOG. It’s so on.
  • Zynga acquires XPD Media, opens Beijing office
  • Germans ban naked short selling
  • Blackstone is setting up in Australia – Link
  • Thai stock exchange closed – parts of it were on fire as the violence in Bangkok continues
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