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Mar 10

Survivor 20.6

Spoilers after the jump.

Russell has some BIG FUCKING BRASS BALLS. That has to be one of the boldest plays EVER, and it came off cleanly. PP. Russell’s back was against the wall and in danger of losing a key ally. He ran the numbers, spoke to the right people, escaped by a single vote and – as icing on the cake – totally outplayed Rob. The little aside to Tyson to get him to switch to voting Parvati was just genius. And to see him give the idol over to Parvati – daaaamn. High drama.

Just more affirmation that he’s The Man. Of course, now the rivalry is all on, and there will be fireworks. Rob is going to launch an all out offensive on him next week. And Russell still needs to keep an eye on Parvati. He may be The Man, but the odds are still stacked against him.

Pity about James, and with only 5 left, the Heroes are looking like a pretty sorry bunch now.

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