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Feb 10

Video roundup

A few miscellaneous videos to entertain you.

View from a rocket booster on Discovery
Real-time footage from a camera mounted on Discovery’s rocket booster. The booster is jettisoned after about 90 seconds (by which time the rocket is maybe 30km high), and it floats back down to the ocean.


Sir Patrick Stewart talks about Twitter

I don’t tweet. I’ve never Twittered. And, it’s not that I’m resisting it, but, I see no reason to have it in my life. To reduce life to — how many? — 140… just seems to me to be a little bit simplistic.

But he has a laptop and an iPhone (which he notes is “an extension of whom I am”). And he loves emails. What a legend.


Stop motion flipbook-style video
Another one of those videos where you say, “That’s really cool, but how long did that take to make?!” There were over 6500 frames.

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