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Jan 10

It’s the little things…

I love flying Virgin America. And they currently have free Wifi! Which I am using! Joy!

Interesting note on how the planes provide net access (I thought it was by satellite, but it’s not):

WiFi on Virgin America is powered by Gogo┬« Inflight internet. Here’s how Gogo turns a plane into a flying hotspot. When you’re using a mobile phone in your car (hands free of course), your phone continuously searches for the strongest connection. As you move, your phone switches cell towers to maintain the best signal.

Gogo has built a mobile broadband network of ground towers covering the entire sky above the continental United States to do the same thing for a plane. Equipment onboard continuously selects the strongest connection from the towers below. With nothing but air between these towers and your plane, it’s possible to get a strong connection even at 35,000 feet.