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Nov 09

One of the Best Episodes of Survivor. Ever.

Spoilers ahead!

That was such a cool episode. Russell is THE MAN. I really hope he survives through next week – he deserves it. I loved Erik’s reaction when Russell pulled another idol out of the bag (and Laura’s disgust at him… not that she can do anything about it). If the old Foa Foa tribe can somehow pull off a comeback after being smashed in the team challenges week after week, that will be one of the most impressive comebacks ever. At the moment they’re down 4-6 along tribal lines. I thought Shambo would have crossed team lines, but she voted Russell at tribal, so I’m not so sure now. But it’s more likely that her voting for Russell was just to preserve the facade that she was still on board with Galu since she knew Russell had the hidden immunity. But it’s doable for Foa Foa. So, next week: Laura vs Russ.

This really says it all:

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