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Oct 09

4 Peeves about Sydney

I love Sydney and all, but there are four things that have annoyed me about it over the last couple of weeks:

1. Lack of Wifi. Maybe I don’t know where to look, but it’s so difficult to find free Wifi around the CBD. They have it in the state library (where I am at the moment, actually), but the HSC must be currently in full swing because the place is filled with what looks like Year 12 students reading crib books.

2. Cityrail. They redid the train timetables this week. Night services from the city to Campbelltown used to take about 55 minutes on the East Hills line. They replaced all the East Hills schedules with all-stops trains, and now the same journey takes at least 1 hour 20. That’s almost 50% longer! WTF.

3. Poor mobile reception. The train tunnels under the CBD have zero mobile phone reception. Every other major developed city in the world has mobile reception in the subway. Why not Sydney? (And it’s not like we have a huge number of underground tunnels!) Same thing with the East Hills line – including the bit that passes by the airport.

4. Weather. What the hell happened to the weather this month? A lot of people have been returning from London and New York this month for weddings so the common line is that they brought their weather with them. Obviously I haven’t been properly representing California because it’s been windy, cloudy and rainy for 2 straight weeks.