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Jul 08

Site tweaks

Made a few minor additions to the site. I’ve decided to start using Twitter, so I’ve put a Twitter feed on the sidebar. Twitter also links to my Facebook profile (on which, until now, I have not been updating the status line). I’ve also added a link to “Other notable posts” which has a list of some historical posts, just in case you were bored and wanted something to read (but there is some quite good reading there, if I do say so myself).

Made a couple of changes to the backend as well, including a “Liveblog” feature where I easily update a post as a live event unfolds – each update is automatically timestamped (a snide running commentary of a law school lecture, perhaps? :). In anticipation of the iPhone 3G giving me round-the-clock access to email, I also updated the backend email interface to accept jpg, gif and png posting, as well as audioblogging and video posting.