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Jul 08

iPhone plans

Ok, several days ago I said that Optus’ iPhone 3G plans weren’t too bad. I find it incomprehensible why, given that the iPhone is launching tomorrow, Vodafone and Telstra waited until today to release their plans. To me it seems like terrible organisational skills – it’s not as if the iPhone is a secret – the release date has been known for weeks. And not only have they given their customers less than 24 hours’ lead time to review and digest their gratuitously complex plans, the plans themselves are pure crap. They are horrendous! For example, everyone thought Vodafone was holding out on an announcement so it could undercut Optus – but Optus’ plans turn out to be the best ones. Miniscule data limits really don’t do much for Australia in terms of IT innovation. One of Telstra’s not-cheap plans offers 5MB free data. Five megabytes? What the hell? That’s the perennial problem with technology that relies on telcos in Australia – accessing the infrastructure is just too damn expensive (just look at broadband and internet hosting costs). I’m going to have to wait until I get to the States before I buy my iPhone.