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Jun 08

Apple Store opening

Finally made it inside the Apple store. And it only took 80 minutes of waiting. In the rain. Still, I got my t-shirt, which I reckon ought to say, “I stood in line for the Apple store opening and all I got was this stupid t-shirt”. (Someone has to have made that joke somewhere before…)

I turned up at about a quarter to five to find a ludicrously long line stretching a little up bit George St, then around the corner to King St, and then all the way down York. Allll the way. At about five, the store’s 120-something staff were all standing from the balconies waving. There’s a “welcoming gauntlet” of sorts when you get in… about 20 staff handing out t-shirts and perpetually cheering on customers and high-fiving them as they go past. They’ve been doing that for over an hour and will be doing that for at least another 3. I guess you really gotta have a lot of energy to be an Apple customer service rep.

It’s a pretty darn schmick store. Having an Apple store in a city is probably a de facto pre-req for being an “Alpha city” on the Global City developmental scale. I stupidly didn’t bring a camera but there is probably already a flood of photos being uploaded to Flickr & co as I type. After all, there are quite a lot of computers across the three levels of this building all connected to net…

They’re still cheering. It sounds like banshees wailing…