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Jun 08

Again?! You can’t be serious!

Anwar Ibrahim has once again been accused of sodomy and has fled to the Turkish embassy for protection. Anwar is filing a civil suit in response. Here is the event timeline. This is all seems quite ridiculous and it doesn’t make Malaysia look any good. I made a post on the original conviction quite a few years ago.

Incidentally, along with Morgan Tsvangirai seeking refuge in the Dutch embassy in Harare last week, it is interesting to note that embassies have “extra-territorial status”, which means that the patch of land an embassy stands on is more or less treated as the sovereign land of the embassy’s home country. It’s almost like fleeing to the country itself (in a legal sense). Of course, you’re still physically in the host country, so while you may be protected from the host country’s government’s intervention (assuming it doesn’t want to cause a diplomatic incident), it only nominally protects you from other physical threats. For example, the Japanese embassy hostage crisis in Peru in the 1990s.