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Jun 08

3G iPhone release imminent

iPhone 3G release in about 2.5 hours highly likely… MacRumors has live coverage of WWDC, which kicks off at 10am (PDT) with Jobs’ keynote. Carriers around the world have been busily signing and announcing distribution contracts with Apple, so I predict that there will be a worldwide simultaneous release of these things. I don’t think Australia will have to wait for the Sydney Apple store to open on June 19 before Aussies can start ordering iPhones. However, there are some people who think otherwise about the Australian release date.

My feature set prediction: 3G (obviously), assisted GPS and a modified case design. I’m doubtful about a front-facing camera. There may be multiple iPhone models. Carriers to offer plans bundled with subsidised phones. The problem in Australia is getting affordable data service… there’s no way we’re getting an unlimited data plan for $60/month like AT&T offers in the US.