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Mar 08

MP3 quality hearing test

This site plays two mp3 clips – one at 128kbps and the other at 320kbps – and gets you to pick which one is which (the 320kbps is less compressed and therefore should sound better in theory). Probably not the best clip to be testing it on, though. If memory serves, MP3 compression works by shaving off extraneous frequencies we can’t hear (ie around and past the 20Hz and 20kHz regions) – but although we can’t hear lower frequencies, we can feel them, so compression is most noticeable in music with a lot of bass. Also, I have never rated the double blind test – 50/50 odds are too good. I think the “triple blind” test is better – 3 samples, 2 of them played at either 128kbps or 320kbps – and you have to pick the odd one out. This is how the Pepsi/Coke taste test should be run.

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