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Oct 07


Tucked away in a quiet part of Paddington, Lucio’s is an unpretentious eatery run by Lucio and his waitstaff who like to inject liberal flourishes of Italian when they speak (including what seems to be a natural Italian fondness for saying prego after everything). The decor is very relaxed – the walls are decked with paintings and its two rooms are decently lit. Service is personal – it seems that Lucio and Lucio alone is permitted to take orders. We ordered a tasting menu. The serving sizes are quite small, and there’s only 6 courses (although some are accompanied by side dishes). So, although the food is sound, reliable, and generally very good, the value is questionable and you might be better off ordering à la carte. It’d be a good place for a medium-sized group to go to. If I were to pick between this and other similar Italian restaurants, I would personally prefer Buon Ricordo. Tasting menu is $115 pp.